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Wooden Wine Cabinet

Classic furniture art design

Luxury art paint coating effect

Embraco compressors imported from the USA

Initiative refrigeration unit in the industry

Computer intelligent precise temperature control

Product Details

Oak, pear, ebony and other imported natural

high-quality rare wood,With Furniture art design 

to create the noble and elegant sense

Multiple painting processes of primer and finish coat,

Noble and elegant environmental protection paint coating effect.

According to the home environment and overall style

It can be customized according to personalized style

With unique design to match with your living room


Raching customized wine cabinet create a perfect matching style with the home and business environment.

It become a elegant decoration for home furnishing and high-end commercial places

All hardware accessories are imported from Germany

famous brand products,With high-grade, noble, excellent quality

The cabinet is separated from the refrigerating system
The refrigerating unit can be easily transport and installation
More convenient to use and maintain

 Embraco medium and high back pressure compressor

 imported from America.Refrigeration is more flexible and smooth,

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