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Cigar Storage Basics
2022-05-26 00:00:00

Professional cigar bar storage tools are usually cigar humidors and cigar cellars, while ordinary cigar retail stores usually use cigar humidors and cigar aficionados usually use humidors, boxes and bags.


In general, handmade cigars need to be kept in a humidor, while most machine-made cigars can be kept out of a humidor because they are wrapped in cellophane, which retains moisture for a longer period of time and does not easily escape.


The seasons can significantly affect the temperature and humidity of the cigar storage environment, which needs to be adjusted accordingly to maintain a suitable environment. In summer, you should avoid high temperatures on your cigars, in winter you should pay attention to the humidity, and in the rainy season when the air humidity is high, you should adjust the humidity of your storage tools to prevent mildew. The temperature and humidity of the cigars need to be adjusted during the storage process, depending on the region.


Cigar storage and maintenance issues handling

Cigar mold


Moldy cigars are mainly caused by high humidity in the maintenance environment.


If the mold is not serious, wipe off the small amount of white mold on the surface of the cigar and take out the humidifier for three to five days to allow the cigar to dry out some moisture with the temperature of the natural environment. If dense blue-green mold appears on the surface of the cigar, throw the cigar away quickly.


Cracked Cigars


Cracked cigars are cigars that have lost too much water due to the lack of humidity in the storage environment, and the overall moisture content of the cigar has dropped, causing the wrapper to burst.


In this case, remove the cellophane from the cigar, place the bare cigar in a humidor, and increase the amount and frequency of adding water to the humidifier. During this time, the cigars should be placed in a regular pattern to allow them to absorb moisture evenly.


Cigar Insects


A wormy cigar is a cigar that has pinhole-sized holes in the surface, leaf debris or even tobacco beetles.


In this case, discard the cigars with holes as soon as possible and isolate the salvageable cigars. Place the infested and non-infested cigars in separate food-seal bags and refrigerate them in the freezer for 6-12 hours, then move them to the freezer for about 3 days, and finally place them in the freezer again for 6-12 hours so that the cigar bugs are killed at low temperatures. It is recommended to store the insecticide-treated cigars separately and check them regularly.

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