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  • Aging makes flavour better

    A humidor is an elegantly simple device that keeps cigars at their best by maintaining them in conditions similar to those in which their tobacco grew, fermented and was rolled.
  • Raching participates in InterTabac2023

    InterTabac is the annual highlight in the international tobacco industry. From 14 to 16 September, the exhibition halls in Dortmund will once again become the premier go-to hub bringing together market leaders, top decision-makers and trade visitors from the retail, service, and manufacturing sectors from all four corners of the earth Raching participated. As the largest exhibitor in the cigar cabinet industry, Raching once again represented "Made in China" and "Global Leadership"!
  • Raching's cigar humidor enter into the international market

    0Raching exhibited the products on many international shows, such as IPCPR,INTER-TABAC and Habonos Festival
  • Leading supplier

    China's wine coolers and cigar humidors leader
  • HIGH-TECH enterprise

    The unique high-tech enterprise in the industry

  • Best cigar cabinet

    The inventor of most stable temperature and humidity cigar cabinet

  • International standard

    International standards for the wine and cigar storage

  • 20 years experiences

    We have more than 20 years experience on production and service.
  • ​ Imported brand core components

    Adopt import premium components s to build high quality produts

  • TOP 500 enterprises partners

    We have a number of TOP 500 enterprises cooperate partners

  • Technology support

    We can provide quick and considerate after-sales service and 24 hours reponse


RACHING- China’s wine cooler and cigar humidor leaders!

Shenzhen raching technology co., ltd. was established in 2004 which focusing on providing constant temperature and humidity storage and display solutions for wine, cigars, ham, sausage, cheese, steak and etc.Our group products include the smart thermostatic wine cooler, constant temperature and humidity cigar cabinet, constant temperature cabinet, wine cellar,cigar bar, constant temperature and humidity air conditioning, sausage cabinet, stainless steel constant temperature display cabinet, cigar moisturizing cabinet and others products,Include 20 series and hundreds of products, We are the largest manufacturer on producing the thermostatic wine cooler, constant temperature and humidity cigar cabinet, wine cellar .

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